On the occasion of John's 70th birthday on December 31st, BBC 4 TV will show a portrait and a concert on November 22nd - you can find the detailed schedule here
With thanks to Veronika... :)
After posting some "live pictures" during the last weekend, I have now uploaded an album of Marion's (THANK YOU!!!!) pics on facebook .
I think you will also be able so see them in case you don't want to register to facebook....
I'll be happy to receive more photos... :D
Just taken from the official John Denver facebook page:
More dates have been added for John Denver: A Rocky Mountain High Concert Celebration!
For the first time in 15 years, audiences will see and hear two-time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and Poet Laureate of Colorado John Denver performing in a concert setting. Featuring archival video footage of Denver performing classic songs, backed by live performances from former members of his band with an accompanying string section, John Denver: A Rocky Mountain High Concert tour is an innovative musical treat and unforgettable tribute. Hear John Denver’s voice, see vintage John Denver video performances, hear stories of John Denver told by old friends. Concerts will include hit songs spanning his career and honor Denver’s memory and music. The show will also honor some of the musicians who played with Denver throughout his career, and feature their stories of life on the road with the singer.

9/6/13 – Biloxi, MS - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi
11/19/13 – Jacksonville, FL - The Florida Theatre
11/20/13 – St. Petersburg, FL @ Palladium Theatre
11/21/13 – West Palm Beach, FL- The Kravis Center
11/22/13 – Orlando, FL - The Plaza Live
11/23/13 – Sarasota, FL - Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

See a sneak peek of the show here: http://youtu.be/rNTaOONyJ4U
Ticket links and more show info at http://johndenver.com/events/
Some events have been added to the Aspen in October calender - so I have updated the respective part of our website.
You can also find some general tips for your trip there.
Here are some sound clips from "Great Voices Sing John Denver"...
This is REALLY something to look forward to!
Thanks, Wolly, for sharing the link!
I think many of you will remember the discussions going on since last October, when it was announced that John's windstar Foundation was to be dissolved and the land sold.
Well, it's time to get back to this subject, since the sales seems to have become final in April.

I hope you allow me some personal words here -- I so love this land, I can't believe it's "gone"....
Yes, I know, it is still there, but who knows for how long it will be accessible the way it is now, and it saddens me to think I may never be able to be there again. John's vision may continue elsewhere, yes, but -- sorry, it will never be the same...
There's a "spirit" to this land, something very special I cannot describe, but I know many people, I am sure including John, have felt as well.
And, deep in my heart, I fear that they WILL in the end find a way to "develop" it after all.

Here are some newspaper reports about the sale from around the time when it became final:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Yesterday then, I found another statement about the sale...
This is from JP McDaniel - I have known JP for almost 20 years, and as a matter of fact, we first met at a Windstar Symposium, where she acted as the press coordinator.
We have been in touch since then, and I think it is very interesting what she has to say about the whole thing. Here are her words:

"The sale of the Windstar land is NOT what John wanted. This is straight from John’s mouth and not an assumption, such as is coming from some people with false authority about what John wants. Saying John wanted to close Windstar is repeating out of context what some in favor of the sale selectively choose to hear. Ironically, these same people do not have a long history with Windstar and are slamming and belittling those who do. I, as were others now speaking up for Windstar, have a triple-decade long history with Windstar and was also there in the early days of the Land Conservancy creation. We heard John specifically say he didn’t want the land to be sold and developed and “didn’t want to see the land turned into Windstar Condominiums” (John’s own words… not miss-repeated hearsay!).

Also, about 15 years ago Tom Crum said the Windstar Foundation had served a wonderful purpose in its day, but could be retired with dignity if so selected. Tom was referring to the Foundation and did not mean selling the land. I, like others now speaking up, was there when Tom talked about this. Sadly, Tom’s words are now being used out of context by certain people to solicit their own agenda for the sale. These people and board members currently misquoting Tom weren’t even around when Tom had that conversation with some of us. It is THEY who should get their facts straight and stop slamming others who are questioning this unwarranted sale of Windstar.

The weekend John died, several of us were at Windstar preparing to move the physical office to the (then) executive director’s (Cheryl Charles) location in Santa Fe. We were not “shutting down Windstar”, as is being miss-stated by people who weren’t even involved until several years after John died. At that time the Windstar Foundation had scaled back and the office was being moved because the Rocky Mountain Institute had plans to utilize the entire building, which seemed like a workable arrangement. Protection of the land is one of the reasons John set the ball in motion for the Windstar Land Conservancy in 1996 and he entrusted RMI to be good stewards of the land, which they have been for over 16 years.

Hunter Lovins was also part of this creation and entrustment, and I am grateful she remembers what John’s intentions were and has the integrity to speak up. Where is RMI’s integrity? Has it been bought out in an attempt to recover some of the costs they put into the land over the years?

As for Karmen Dopslaff speaking for Windstar, she is a late arriver and seems willing to sell Windstar for a bargain basement price. She and two other board members (also “newcomers” in the scope of Windstar’s history) seemed overly-eager to kick Ron out, dissolve the foundation, influence the Windstar Land Conservancy board, and sell the land, all within a few months’ time. They did not involve others who care about Windstar, and have provided few answers to the many questions coming forth, instead using weak misquotes and put-downs of others as defense.

Some of the many unanswered questions and concerns being sugar-coated and not directly addressed include: Why weren’t others involved with the decision to dissolve the Windstar Foundation and sell the land? Why wasn’t Ron’s input considered? Why hasn’t Cheryl Charles come forth? Why wasn’t the land offered to a buyer such as The Nature Conservancy? Why is the original Land Conservancy agreement being ‘twisted” in its interpretation? Why is the requested investigation of the sale dragging with Pitkin County? Who is the 24-year old Carbondale woman listed as the “buyer” of the land from the Five Valley Farms, LLC? And why was the LLC’s address listed as 2317 Snowmass Rd (Windstar) back in December, before the land was sold? Why was the land sold so suddenly and at such a bargain basement price? How did Karmen so quickly get to be the decision making force for Windstar Foundation and the Land Conservancy? And why are the organizations Karmen raises funds for (Windstar included) dissolved after only a few years and are difficult to track or seem non-existent with the Colorado Secretary of State? Where are records of their financial contributions?

Something with the Windstar land sale smells fishy!

There is a long and sad history of land agreements being violated when greed and personal gain come into play. The selling of Windstar land is no different than the selling of the Black Hills, of Oklahoma, or the many others lands that were promised to be protected into perpetuity. What is next for those who want to keep the Windstar land as John intended and was promised…. blankets laced with smallpox!?"

I just found this in my mailbox.
I think it is a very nice article!
There may not be happening as much as last year, but planning for Aspen in October 2013 has started and the first dates have been set.
Thus, I started setting up a page for it on our homepage - please follow me... :)
Following a note from my friend Julia, I googled an advert from UK, using "Annie's Song".
Well, I rarely like adverts, but I think this one is really nicely done, not only because of the music that was used... :)
Oooookay, this may not be brand new, but - hey, I've just been surfing the internet a bit, and I came accross the Aspen Sojourner website.
Guess what, they have their article about John from last October online - Gabi and I were interviewed for that one (in 2011 already), plus we are in one of the photos... :)
Tour dates and up to date info about the Tribute Concerts tour "Rocky Mountain High" is available on the official John Denver website -- http://www.johndenver.com
Amazon Germany lists the new various artists album "The Music Is You: A Tribute to John Denver" as being released on March 19, 2013 by Ato Records. Apparently there will be a CD and an LP release. Truly something to look forward to.
Here's the link to the CD....

And LP.... (I can't believe it... :))
We have come back to the usual format - blogging didn't really work out well in the end.